Empowering the Divine Feminine Spirit

 upcoming program: November 21 - 28  2020

Welcome Sister.  We are so glad you found us, and have come to receive this invitation to cultivate your precious feminine essence of radiance, soul beauty and love.  To explore with us the depths of healing and wholeness that is your birthright and walk this path of initiation into the sacred arts of the divine feminine.  We believe that this is the time in which the Goddess is rising, and calling us home to reclaim our divine feminine form of wisdom, love and beauty. Through ceremony, initiation, and the sacred container of sisterhood, we are here to empower the healing and liberation of all beings through love and the power of life, which each of us holds within.  

If you are reading this, it is because you are being called by the Goddess, and this is your personal invitation into the Sacred Heart Tribe Sisterhood.  We believe in the power of the circle. That from within it we can rise together to learn to share the medicine of our hearts, to reclaim pleasure,  and to relax into the beauty presence of self and your sisters.  Rebirthing a renaissance of art and pleasure.  A path of liberation. Moving our energy and releasing blockages from the body,heart and mind.  We invite you into an awakening of your sensual and divine form, through creative expression, in-bodied movement, and sacred ceremony.  To recognize and bring healing to traumas that have been held in the body through specific techniques that cultivate a return to our divine connection and full in-bodiment of the LOVE that we ARE.

Who are we ?                                                                                                                                We are 3 women who were called to this Sacred Valley of Longevity eight years ago.  Inspired by one another's hearts and wisdom, we came together as friends and have been sharing our medicine to support and empower each other.  Our collective medicine is so potent and profound we feel the call to expand, and thus, we invite you into our circle to enjoy the nurturing and the sanctuary we have found. We each have gifts, that is medicine, to share with the world.

Suzannah Ohlune : Inspired visionary and co-creatrix of Canción Del Corazón Eternaculture Center.  Suzannah lives with an authentic joy for life that is contagious and a deeply compassionate love for all beings. Dedicated to the path of transformational growth, healing and love; she is guided by a deep inner calling to share the tools and skills that she learned from her own journey of healing and self-realization.  She has been supporting people to move into greater states of integrated body-mind-spirit health and wellness through her gifts as an intuitive life coach, teacher and guide.  She carries with her the medicine of music and ancestral earth wisdom, bringing the healing gifts of remembering our true Spiritual nature and our belonging to Life, Earth and all living things.

Pyasa Niko Siff is an Evolutionary Activator : trauma-informed certified somatic sexologist, intimacy coach, Interdisciplinary Pelvic specialist, author and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience working in the healing arts.Pyasa’s passion for sharing somatic sex education supports people to discover a felt sense of safety in the body. Her own early childhood trauma led her to immerse herself in a process of sexual healing and catalyzing a deep inspiration to lift the veil on the individual – and collective – sexual/social conditioning that has kept humanity limited and depressed.  Her unique approach empowers the release of unconscious patterns, and the reconstruction of neural networks to embody their original design. Ultimately this is the work to empower you to enjoy a deeper sense of connection and pleasure in your relationships and in your own sexuality. 

Liliya Dale : a certified life coach, long time meditator, intuitive traveller, facilitator of ecstatic dance, free form movement and contact improvisation labs. Though combining practices of different spiritual traditions dedicated to awakening, her education and life experience, she developed her method of self-inquiry coaching. Through her work she helps people connect to their higher self, remember their innate perfection and get clarity.

Program Highlights :

  • Daily Yoga and Mindfulness practices
  • Im-Bodied Movement Explorations
  • Sacred Ceremony 
  • Singing Circles
  • Meditations and Breath work
  • Adventures in Nature
  • Pelvic-Heart Activations
  • Releasing Trauma in the Nervous System TRE “Shake Awake”
  • Finding and Empowering Our True Voice
  • Boundary Work within a safe container of touch and self-expression
  • Hi-Raw Vegan Farm to Table Nourishment

About the Center :

The retreat will be held at Canción Del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center in Vilcabamba. A living expression of the dream to inspire a renaissance of human culture.  Weaving together the threads of spiritual existence, deep ecology, permaculture, sustainable-living and life as a sacred art. This center is a cradle in which you can come home to your place in the world.  Working with the understanding that we all have personal work to do in healing and reclaiming our sovereign self directive; the prayer of this place is to offer an experience of your own connection to life and your ability to live in sacred reciprocity. To inspire and empower each guest to return home with greater skills and knowledge of how to live a life of connection and wholeness with self and in the world. 

Cost :

  • $1850 shared room with shared bath
  • $2000 private room with shared bath
  • $2150 private room with private bath


Early Bird Price:

( if you enroll before Aug 1st, 2020 )

  • $1500 shared room with shared bath
  • $1650 private room with shared bath
  • $1800 private room with private bath

In-Bodied Love Women's Retreat

Upcoming Program: November 21 -28   2020

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