Renewal 2020 Self Regeneration Retreat

Upcoming Programs: Oct. 1 - 14 and Oct. 15 - 28    2020

 Rejuvenate & Uplift in the Sacred Valley of Longevity!

 gift yourself a 2020 life lift ~ a powerful self renewal...

  • Dr. Morse inspired dietary and personalized herbal cellular regeneration protocol
  • Unlimited Fruit Feasting ~ huge abundance & diversity of delicious fresh fruits  ~ Ecuador is a #1 Awesome Fruit Paradise ! 
  • Includes Iris Analysis, Symptomology Analysis & Herbal Protocol consult
  • Art and Science of Cellular Regeneration & Detox classes and discussions
  • Bhakti Yoga Flow and Bhakti Restorative Yoga classes
  • Infinity Wave Body Awareness & Unity Contemplative Movement classes
  • Restorative adventures in nature, permaculture paradise tours, deep nature immersions...
  • Kirtan, mantra, sound meditation journeys, pranic breathing meditations, fireside music jams...

Daily timeline:  

  • morning energetic:  bhakti yoga flow, conscious breathwork, or contemplative movement practice.
  • group synergy: heart sharing, brain storming, soul supporting and belly laughing.
  • every other day - presentation / discussion: health regen science, consciousness investigations , emotional evolution techniques,  cosmic connectivity, new paradigm mysticism...
  • alternate days - group or solo activity: time in nature, hands-on permaculture projects, artisan & fruit markets, spa time & bodywork, day trips to explore sites of interest in the area... 
  • evening activity:  drum & didj circles, sound meditation journeys, inspiring videos, social evenings, restorative yoga...

The detox / regen power of the whole fruit diet:

Our physiology is very similar to that of a primate, and like all primates, our digestive system is optimized for fresh fruits. It takes much less of the body's energy to digest, absorb, and assimilate the nutrients contained in tree fruits, berries, and melons than those found in vegetables, grains, and animal based foods. In addition, many of the nutrients found in fruits are easily utilized at the cellular level. Because our entire body is composed of cells, when we feed cells directly instead of feeding our digestive system, we more efficiently regenerate the cells which comprise our tissues, organs, & systems. The all fruit diet vastly decreases inflammation in the body.

Fruit digests & assimilates easily & can be feasted on without restraint !

Fresh garden veggies and herbs will also be available if the need arises to augment the fruit diet with some savory vitality goodness.

 Attributes of fruits that elicit cellular regeneration:

  • fruit astringency supports lymphatic system detoxification
  • fruit alkalinity corrects acidic / inflammation chemistry
  • enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, & adaptogenic compounds detox & replenish cellular tissues
  • high water content & electrolytic charge in juice promotes cellular hydration
  • higher frequency biofield of fruits increases energetics of cellular photonic field

The herbal protocol:

For most of us, fruits alone are not enough to efficiently restore the health of our cells and tissues. We benefit greatly if we add a regimen of botanical herbal formulas. Our modern world and ways of life expose us to toxicity and inflammation from foods, environmental contaminants, EMF, and stress, so that we generally live with a sizable backlog of lymphatic congestion, acidosis, inflammation, dehydration, organ deficiencies and excesses, and glandular imbalance, as well as having inherited genetic vulnerabilities that run in our lineages. Thankfully botanical herbs are a natural way to address these conditions and augment the detox diet with targeted potency.

Through iris analysis and symptomology assessment, the condition of all the body's systems and organs is assessed and a personalized botanical herb protocol is formulated. The herbal protocol is implemented to target the specific pathologies in a strategic sequencing to support whole organism detoxification, alkalizing, hydration, rebalancing, and vitality.

Combined with the fruit diet, the herbal protocol is very effective in rapidly transforming the body's biochemistry and energetics from a congested, dehydrated, low energy situation, to a cellular regeneration, healthy, and re-invigorated state that restores the physical wellness and vibrancy that serves to empower our happiness and fulfillment. Life flows easily and our creativity and smiling joy of living arises naturally.

Whole-being wellness:

Canción del Corazón retreat hosts Suzannah and Phil will round out the program with yoga, contemplative movement, consciousness evolution presentations and practices, emotional wellness support and tools, group processes and activities, a soul family / heart centered group environment, and  their generous, accommodating ways of facilitating everyone's comfort and sense of self-empowerment to participate fully and undertake the regen protocols with grace and ease.

Daily well-being practices and a wholesome, joyful atmosphere are essential components of a regeneration program. Stressful aspects to our lives and mental / emotional turbulence maintain our nervous system in a fight or flight state which ties up the body's energy and sabotages healing and renewal. Inspiration, laughter, heart connection, and beauty are medicines for the soul that elevate the spirit and re-kindle the body's bioenergetic flame of vital life-force, the foundational element of every healing process.

Nestled in a permaculture landscape with gorgeous vistas and abundant natural beauty, with vital Andean mountain air and water and an amazing spectrum of fresh tropical fruits, Canción del Corazón is the perfect setting for a Renewal 2020 Self-Regeneration retreat !

Costs & Accommodations

2 weeks; either Oct. 1 - 14  or Oct. 1 - 28 

  • single shared room                               USD $1260
  • single private rustic room                    USD $1400
  • single private deluxe room                  USD $1800
  • couples private rustic room                USD $2240 for 2
  • couples private deluxe room              USD $2880 for 2

4 weeks Oct. 1 - 28 

  • single shared room                               USD $2268
  • single private rustic room                    USD $2520
  • single private deluxe room                  USD $3240
  • couples private rustic room                USD $4032 for 2
  • couples private deluxe room              USD $5184 for 2
  • shared room - 2 persons per room with shared bathroom
  • private rustic accommodation -  shared bathroom
  • private deluxe accommodation - private bathroom

Price Includes:

  • unlimited fruit feasting with an abundant diversity of fresh tree fruits, exotic tropical fruits, berries, melons, young coconuts, garden harvest botanical teas, nano-structured living water, and probiotic antioxidant elixirs (with optional green juices, garden fresh salads, and avocados if you feel the need)
  • full spectrum program content of regenerative wellness and consciousness evolution classes and practices, multi-modal vibrational energy upliftment, group adventures, collective wisdom synergy,  and unforeseen paradigm upgrades arising from a conscious heart community life immersion...
  • pre-retreat Skype consultation, includes symptomology assessment, iris analysis, & personalized cellular regeneration herbal protocol formulation
  • personal coaching, iris photos, and ongoing support during retreat
  • post-retreat follow-up
  • optional purchase of herbal formulas for your personalized regeneration protocol are an additional cost ( $100 - $250 per 2 week segment depending on depth and breadth of protocol application ) (David will organize your herb order and have it shipped to you prior to the retreat so you can bring it with you) (herbs are Dr. Morse's Cellular Botanicals and are at below retail cost)
  • ongoing access to treatment sessions with local practitioners, choose from an amazing spectrum of bodywork and therapeutic health modalities ( very affordable local rates - additional cost $25 - $50 per session )
  • love in action & astounding natural beauty ... much meaningful magic !!!

Renewal 2020 Self-Regeneration Retreat

Upcoming Programs: Oct. 1 - 14 and Oct. 15 - 28   2020

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