Canción Del Corazón Hosts : Suzannah & Phil

Whole-Being Wellness:

Canción del Corazón Center co-creators and retreat hosts Suzannah and Phil offer evolutionary programs, workshops, and retreats that serve to further the wholistic well-being and self-activation of all who are drawn to gift themselves with a beautiful, intentional, upliftment experience.

In their roles as educators and guides of yoga, sacred music, contemplative movement, conscious evolution, emotional wellness, wholistic wellness, regenerative living, and group co-creative processes and activities, Suzannah and Phil provide a nourishing soul family / heart centered environment, and offer freely of their generous, accommodating ways of facilitating everyone's comfort and sense of self-empowerment to participate fully and undertake their retreat programs with grace and ease.

Daily well-being practices and a wholesome, joyful atmosphere are essential components of all Canción del Corazón Center's retreat offerings. Inspiration, laughter, heart connection, and beauty are medicines for the soul that elevate the spirit and re-kindle the body's bioenergetic flame of vital life-force, the foundational element of healing and self-evolution.

 Suzannah Ohlune

Suzannah expresses an authentic joy for life that is contagious, affirming her deep compassion and love for all beings.  From a passionate dedication to the journey of awakening, she supports others in their growth, healing and self-realization. Through her skills as an intuitive life coach, teacher and guide, she helps people move into greater states of wellness and body-mind-spirit integration.  Her conscious embodiment of ancestral earth wisdom brings the healing gift of remembrance of belonging and relationship to earth and all living things. 

 Phil Larstone

As a musician, instrument-maker, permaculturist, researcher, inventor, educator and guide, Phil's self-inspired quest for realization includes investigations into all things profound, within the evolving fields of consciousness, wisdom traditions, shamanism, new paradigm physics, emerging technologies, mystical music, ecological stewardship, and the natural healing arts. Drawing from this diversity of understandings, he weaves together threads of univeral truth into an evolving tapestry of integrative awareness, offering evolutionary presentations and transformative practices, holding conscious space for the wholistic realizations of each participant, and guiding the unfoldment of transpersonal wisdom synthesis that intentional gatherings afford.