Song of the Heart

Canción del Corazón translates to

Song of the Heart

and by this we mean that we are guided by a

deep reverence and caring embrace of all that lives

and a devotion to sustaining a beautiful harmony

within and around us. 



The way of life that flows from our heart-song we call Eternaculture

and so we marry our quest for greater truth

with a deliberate embodiment of that which contributes to the greater good.

We seek to craft an integrated lifestyle that nourishes health, evolves consciousness,

and honors our interdependent relationship with the natural world. 

Wholistic Wellness

The act of feeding ourselves is the act of creating our bodies,

and by being self-responsible for the entire process,

in caring for the soil, planting and tending our gardens,

preparing our meals, and eating highly nutritious and vital foods,

we create ourselves in a deliberately wholesome and reverent way.

Our growing awareness of the subtle aspects of nature’s design,

such as the cycling of life energies and the consciousness of plants,

enables our ability to honor these aspects of the process

as well as increasing the depth and richness of the whole experience. 

Sacred Music

Sacred music is a trans-verbal language

that communicates the primal physics of vibration,

and can attune us energetically to a state of reverence and unity.

Group singing in particular facilitates an active / receptive whole brain state

as we listen in focussed presence to one another’s voices

while actively projecting our own,

and harmonizing our rhythm, tempo, pitch, and tonal quality

to achieve musical beauty and group coherence.

Improvising with the voice and traditional acoustic instruments

frees our musical expression from pre-composition

and affords the opportunity to express from deeper places,

the sentiments of the soul and the passion of the heart,

in a trans-verbal and enriching communion

with the greater field of vibration and consciousness.