Wholistic Living ~ Conscious Cuisine Retreat

 upcoming program: December 28  2020 - Jan 11  2021   Vilcabamba EC 

Feeding ourselves is a profound act of self-creation, and meals are a daily ritual that is central to our well-being.

As greater consciousness is brought to our dietary nourishment and our meal preparation, the more we are blessed with wellness and the more our aspirations are empowered by wholesome foundations for sustaining our energies.

  • Garden to table, consciously prepared, artfully presented, and lovingly blessed meals
  • Creating our bodies in a wise and reverent way
  • Healthy garden to table recipes for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, living foods, and raw vegan diets
  • Plant-based food science classes - knowledge is empowerment !
  • Understanding and applying food combining, intermittent fasting, juice fasting, cyclic feeding, probiotics & probiotics, vitality and nutrient optimization, structured water, superfoods, ayurvedic flavor balancing...
  • Hands-on food combining, probiotic fermentation, dehydrating, sprouting, gluten-free baking, chocolatiering...
  • Herbal and medicinal tea blends, spice blends
  • Yoga, high vibration meals, nature immersion, contemplative movement, garden harvest...
  • Excursions into nature, to Vilcabamba town center & artisan markets, to inspiring local sites...

Wholistic Living ~ Conscious Cuisine Retreat includes:

  • choice of accommodation (shared room, rustic cabin or deluxe cabin)
  • 3 delicious garden to table meals per day
  • all program content
  • travel to and from Vilcabamba EC is not included
  • Costs & Accommodation Choices:
  • Individual enrollment private room options : 
  • with shared room accommodation USD $1,210.00
  • with rustic cabin accommodation USD $1,420.00
  • with deluxe cabin accommodation USD $1,540.00

  • Couples enrollment private room options : 
  • with rustic cabin accommodation USD $2,200.00 for 2
  • with deluxe cabin accommodation USD $2,600.00 for 2

2 Week Wholistic Living ~ Conscious Cuisine Retreat

Upcoming Program December 28   2020 - January 11   2021

Enrollment / Inquiry Form 

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  • If you have questions about the program, please make them as clear and specific as possible.
  • If you are enrolling, please identify whether you are enrolling as an individual or couple, and which accommodation option you would like. We will confirm availability and send you a secure credit card link for your 50% deposit payment, which is refundable less a 10% administration fee up to 60 days prior to the first day of the program, and afterwards is non-refundable.